Decision Support System for

Soil Health Assessment

Division of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Indian Agricultural Research Institute

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Rating chart




  Chemical indicator



     Electrical conductivity (dS m-1)


     Soil organic carbon (g kg-1) 


     KMnO4 oxidisable carbon   (mg kg-1) 


     Available phosphorus (mg kg-1)


     Available potassium (mg kg-1)


     Available iron (mg kg-1)


     Available manganese (mg kg-1)


     Available zinc (mg kg-1)


     Available copper (mg kg-1)


   Physical indicator

     Bulk density (Mg m-3)


     Maximum water holding capacity (%)


  Biological indicator

     Microbial biomass carbon (mg kg-1)


     Dehydrogenase activity (ug TPF g-1 24 h-1)


     Potentially mineralizable  nitrogen (mg kg-1)


     Carbon mineralization (g CO2-C g-1 h-1 )


     Microbial metabolic quotient
     (g CO2-C h-1 kg-1 MBC)


  Soil Health Index